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Naked Ladies: a play [Incubator]

Naked Ladies: a play

part of Theatre Lab's INCUBATOR PROJECT


Naked Ladies is a revisionist queer history of nudity in performance through an examination of canonical naked images but also: black bodies, queer bodies, feminized bodies. As an examination of why we get naked in performance, it asks tough questions about the ‘nature’ of the female body in contemporary culture, trying to understand its contested position between stigma and celebration. But it is more than just a lecture. A combination of storytelling, performance art and theatre, Fitz-James looks at her own life, upbringing and naked stories, both traumatic and silly, attempting a queer reckoning the (her) naked body. 

Naked ladies: a play

created and performed by THEA FITZ-JAMES

Theatre Lab co-produced a workshop version of this piece in 2015 along with Fitz-James' company 32 Teeth. The team rehearsed at Collective Studio as part of the company initiative Incubator, and was presented at VideoFag. Since Naked Ladies has gone on to tour across Canada and beyond, we are very proud to have been involved in its early stages.

Production Details (with Theatre lab)

  • Workshop presentation at VideoFag. Toronto, ON. (2015)