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Studio Specs


Studio features include:

Floating Bamboo Hardwood Floor that's more comfortable to walk on, dance on, and generally just move on because of it's ability to absorb impact, similar to a sprung floor.

400 sq/ft of space gives you enough room to create, rehearse, and fine tune your production or host an event for 20 or more.

Sound System connects easily with your laptop, phone or iPod from the 2000's.

LCD Projector allows for film screenings, slideshows, and easily incorporates multimedia into your production should you need it.

Plus,  all rentals come with access to on-site storage.

Our rates are on a sliding scale and can be as low as $10 per hour, so get in touch and book the space.


Take a look a the calendar below to see when the studio is free. If The Date/time Reads "busy" The Space Has been Booked.
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