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Critics Love 'The Adventures of Tom Shadow'

Review Round-up!


A bunch of reviews are in, and the critics love 'The Adventures of Tom Shadow'. Links to the reviews below, and get your tickets while you still can!

That mix of silliness on the surface of darker emotional territory encapsulates the humour of the rest of the show, and of the skilled cast who created it...
— Carly Maga (Toronto Star)
Combining physical comedy with music and genre-bending themes, the cast kicks it at high speed, rolling out moment after moment of big-time LOLs. Fairy tale meets crime procedural meets romantic dramedy as music and hilarity ensue in the magical, imaginative The Adventures of Tom Shadow.
— Cate McKim (Life with More Cowbell)
I was not prepared to laugh that much.
— Taylor Long (Broadway World)
I have seen A LOT of theatre in my time, and Tom Shadow lifted my spirits greatly.
— Rebecca Felgate (Toronto Guardian)
I’ll also say that the cast is pretty damn flawless...The story doesn’t lag for a single moment, the music is charming and the cast is simply outrageous.
— Jennifer Enchin (Mooney on Theatre)
Fantasy and silliness and some very sly digs at contemporary society make for an action-packed entertainment that leaves you sidesplit but wanting more.
— Susan Walker
If you are looking for high energy, dynamic physical comedy that’s well constructed and mingles dark humour with the absurd, then don’t miss Tom Shadow. Bring a friend.
— Mary-Margaret Scrimger (My Entertainment World)
Michael Orlando